5 Simple Steps For Increasing Blog Traffic

5 Simple Steps For Increasing Blog Traffic

Getting blog traffic is important, but how do we explode the mount of visitors we get viewing our article? Considering the immense amount of blogs already filling up the Internet, with thousands of new blogs being started every single day, how can you set your apart from the rest?

Let me put it this way:

You have  massive competition when it comes to blogging, even if you narrow it all down particular niche, like training Chihuahua puppies for instance. This example has several hundreds already established websites and blogs on the topic.

But today I would like to help you out when it comes to beating that competition. Well, not the Chihuahua training competition necessarily, but the overall competition of millions upon millions of other blogs.

Today, I would like to present 5 simple step for increasing your blog traffic.

These are not guaranteed mind you, as any kind of Internet based business relying on traffic is an unreliable market to its core.

But in any case, these 5 simple steps will give you some good chances of increasing the blog traffic on your own blog!

Step 1: Write Articles Of High Quality

The most important key to bringing in more blog traffic that will stick to your blog is to provide some quality content.

And this can only be achieved by writing some articles and blog posts of really high quality. I mean you have to be able to wow them, and wow them hard, in order for them to actually remember you.

If you sit there providing okay posts then your blog traffic is going to stay the same all the way through your blogging journey, even deteriorate towards the end.

So, for your own sake, spend a fair amount of time researching a particular subject that you know people interested in your blog’s topic will find interesting and entertaining.

I would say that you should at least spend 5-10 hours just doing the right amount of research and coming up with a good layout for your next master blog post. Don’t worry about the fact that this takes time, that’s the whole point about it, a high quality article should take some time to write.

Here are a few things you need to think about when writing high quality articles:

1. Make sure that it’s long since most people will associate good quality with quantity online, strangely enough, plus Google likes that sort of thing.

2. Make sure that the topic you pick is engaging for your audience and something they would search in Google.

3. Create something different, don’t be like everyone else. Controversy can be a superb way to gain an interactive audience

Step 2: Promote your articles

Now that you’ve written your super blog post it’s time to promote it anywhere that you can. Remember your blog post isn’t going to promote itself.  Until Google finds your article  and ranks it none is going to find it in their search results.

There are various factors that will determine how popular your article is. I’ve outlines these below.

There’s an online marketing rule that goes something like this:

“80 % of your time should be spent on promoting the other 20 % of your time that you have is for content creation”

This means that you just need to promote the heck out of this newly written article. Go on Facebook groups, blog comment sections, forums, other social media and much more.

Just be careful not to be spammy in the way that you promote your business and article, nobody likes a spammer. Also the 20% isn’t about creating crap articles that no one is interested in it just means that you should spend more time getting people engaged in that quality article you have written.

Step 3: Write Filler Posts & Promote Them

Now of course, not every single post on your blog is going to be of the highest possible quality since that would take too much time.

That’s why there are filler posts, articles of less words and less quality, which fill the gap between your masterpiece articles. Don’t get me wrong, these filler articles should also be of some quality, they just don’t require the same amount of time as the really good ones.

Needless to say, these articles need to be promoted as well on any kind of social platform that you can think of since there’s always someone interested in what you’re writing about.

So real quick recap:

1. Write filler posts between the big ones, preferably 2 super posts a month and 2 filler posts, this should give you a good balance.

2. Promote these articles as well in the same way as the super posts.

Step 4: Boost Your Online Presence On Social Media

This is almost like an extra step of the entire process, though it’s every bit as crucial as all of the steps in this short guide.


Social Media

Now, social media has literally changed how marketing campaigns and product promotion is done today. With so many people on social media and social networks today (just look at Facebook which has over 1 billion users alone) you are truly missing out on a lot if you’re not building a presence on social media.

Let me tell you this, many online marketers like Derek Halpern for instance, get a ton of blog traffic and business traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

Now whether or not he’s making money from these people is not up to me to answer.

With that being said, spend every free second you have building your online presence on social media!

Step 5: Rinse & Repeat

And here is the most simple step of this guide, but also the hardest one depending on your motivation and determination.

It’s time to rinse and repeat what you just learned. It’s a simple process of starting with step 1 and writing those high quality posts and then moving on to step 2 where you promote then intensely and it so it goes on and on.

Rinse and repeat my friend!


Now I understand that I left out a lot when it comes to increasing blog traffic and trust me, it I were to include every single method of increasing blog traffic, this short post would suddenly become a 30 page eBook.

So this article serves  one simple purpose:

To inform you of a very simple method of increasing your overall blog traffic with the tools and knowledge you already have. Granted, this method might seem too easy and you might already know about it.

But it’s the simplest things that always elude us . If yo get those small things right from day one your success we be far more likely.

Let me know how you get along.

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