8 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies

8 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies

The secret to a successful content marketing strategy isn’t just the “quality” of the content. Despite the fact that insightful, relevant, content is essential, promotion is crucial to engagement, traffic and lead generation analytics. Whether you’re an established content marketer or just in the beginning stages, you will need to be creative when it comes to content promotion. The following 8 explosive content promotion strategies will help you make the most of your time, effort and ROI.

1. Social Sharing

Starting on a personal level is the secret to social sharing success and includes engaging with your networks via publishing, sharing, commenting and/or promotion. The biggest advantage you’ll have is the relationships you’ve built on your social platforms through your own unique personal touch. Put yourself out there through your social profiles, benefiting from all of them, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + and Facebook. It’s important to note that about 100% of the content you see on Facebook these days is shared

content promotion

2. Join Groups

Joining the right groups is one of today’s most important, but underrated content promotion strategies. Marketers should definitely be joining groups on LinkedIn for relationship building, to utilize targeted content promotion and take advantage the ability to create direct lines of communication with industry influencers. LinkedIn has evolved and today is much more than a site for job seekers. Facebook is another great place to join groups and nurture relationships.

3. Weekly Link Roundups

Here’s another underrated content promotion strategy – weekly link roundups, basically blog posts that are linked to the week’s very best content. Roundup posts help you gain the attention of influencers who can increase the reach of your content. The crucial element here is finding roundups with a substantial readership and that receive a lot of social engagement. The first step is to find popular roundups related to your industry and to do this you’ll need to select a subject for your post, researching popular topics covered by your competitors. There are tools available that will also help you find their most successful content, identifying a common topic to feature in a curated post.

4. Promote On Bookmarketing Sites

Bookmarketing sites are aggregates of the very best content relevant to a given community. It’s also the community that decides what is considered to be the “best” content. If you end up being an active contributor, besides having a clearer understanding of what works online, you’ll also have found a great way to promote your content and increase traffic. Some of the top bookmarking sites include Inbound, Hack News, Reddit and GrowthHackers.

5. Repurposing Content

If your content includes engaging, valuable information it should be shared in a variety of ways. Repurposing content is an excellent way to broaden the promotion of your most popular posts, underexposed post and evergreen content that you’re wanting to revitalize. Think infographics, slideshows on Slideshare, used in your email campaigns, create videos, create a PDF and post it on LinkedIn. LinkedIn even has a fantastic publishing platform that you can use and entering and submitting a post is even easier than placing one on your blog.

6. Build Backlinks

The most successful way to build links to,and promote content is to find other marketers who are already linking to similar content. Once you find them, introduce them to your fresh, superior content. There are several excellent backlink checkers online, including Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs. Once you’ve found some sites that you feel might be a good fit, the next, and one of the most important step is to determine if it’s worth your time by figuring out how the sites rank on search engines using sites like MozBar.

7. Blog Aggregators

Using blog aggregators, you can collect the best blog content from all over the web and build quality backlinks. The reason these platforms work so well is that they pull content from your RSS feed, which links (and are usually followed) back to your website. Backlinks created by blog aggregators typically create impressive amounts of page rank to a website via relevant categories that receive incredible amounts of traffic. One of the most respected blog aggregators on the web is AllTop which ash millions of monthly, active readers.

8. Consider Paid Advertising for Content Promotion

Even though a lot of marketers are moving away from paid advertising, it actually works extremely well for some organizations. If you have had success PPC advertising results in the past, paid content promotion might be worth testing in this case as well. Other forms of paid content promotion can include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter ads.

Successful content promotion requires creativity, determination and commitment to consistently try new things. The good news is that if you invest in trending and innovative ways to promote your content, the potential is there to significantly increase the chances of boosting your traffic and achieving successful end results.

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