Hi, I am John Nats. My passion for blogging has brought me to this stage. I started my journey as a professional blogger in 2009. I have learnt so many things during this journey and still I learn new things every day. I know as well as anyone  how the desire to start blogging can consume you, and how the frustration can be just as powerful. I am a self taught blogger.When I was setting out I found it very difficult to fined any one who could truly help me to gain blogging success. I started  down this road on my own and the result was I know have my own results and thus my own opinions about how to succeed today.

Keeping this honest approach in mind I am on a mission to help bloggers.This is the main reason I have launched my blog TechiGyaan.com. You will always find great and very helpful blogging articles on how you can start blogging, blogging tips and other topics related to blogging. The TechiGyaan team will always be ready to help you.  You will never find yourself alone in this blogosphere. we are always here to help you. If you regularly visit TechiGyaan we will all learn on this journey together.

TechiGyaan has launched with some great posts to start blogging. Specifically for beginners and with some advanced posts for intermediates level bloggers. You are always welcome to contact me through email if you want to ask any questions or if you have any doubts about decisions. My email address is: admin[at]techigyaan.com

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