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I am using bluehost for hosting my all wordpress blogs since very long time. So I decided to share my experience here as a review post. But this is not just a review post.

Bluehost Review

A great online internet based business mainly depends on the server where its files and folders are stored. If the server is not at all good then you can’t expect your business to go great because users will always get errors as your website will be out of order most of the times.

The above statement is a fact and every website owner is pretty much aware of it. If you to want to create an online internet based business, then the first thing you need is a great website using which your potential users will interact to you. And the next thing you need is a better hosting provider.

The files of the websites are stored on a server and the server provider is known popularly as hosting provider since it is hosting your website. I hope the concept of having hosting provider is now clear to you.

I found most of the users (particularly newbies) look for cheapest priced hosting plans and they end up with nothing. They even lose their money which they invested thinking of as a cheap investment.


It’s not always true that the best thing always has high price but still its price will be higher than the cheaper one. There are lots of website hosting providers available on the internet which claim to provide 100% up time and many other features at very cheap price than all brand hosting providers but at the end of the day they don’t have good servers and techniques to provide what they committed.

You need to understand this fact that you need a best hosting provider in order to get your internet based business on the top. If the server is always up time and you don’t get any problem from that side, then you can concentrate on other works. There is no limit of work when it comes to a website so if you keep a good hosting plan then you don’t have to worry about one thing. So having a better hosting provider removes one burden from your shoulder.

Now question comes to mind that how to find the best hosting provider? When I came to the internet business then I researched a lot on this topic and found one simple way of getting best hosting provider which was to search for top 10 or top 5 hosting provider and start with any one of them.

But wait, you don’t need to search for them and worry about who is best. I have already done this for you. I have tried few top web hosting providers, but the best and #1 web hosting provider is BlueHost. So you can start hosting your blog at bluehost without worry. For more details read complete bluehost review below.

My Personal Experience With BlueHost

My personal experience is what you’re looking here for, so I’m starting this review with it. I’ve been user of bluehost hosting services since many years and till now I’m searching for any down features (disadvantages or cons) in their services.

Their services have been really good in past, present and I’m sure that they will do well in future as well. The feature, which everyone look before choosing a hosting provider is the “server uptime”.

I’m glad to share it with you that till now I haven’t experienced any down time with bluehost though servers gets slow down sometimes but it happens once in two three months. But it can’t be counted as down time.

Next thing I like about bluehost is that they always keep the competition going with their competitors. Their hosting cost and plans are cheaper than all other best hosting service providers. So I and all other users of bluehost are getting worth of their money.

BlueHost Features

Since you’re convinced to start off with bluehost after going through my personal review about them, so next thing you’ll be looking for is the features offered by bluehost. Following are the features which you’ll look in any hosting plan before buying and bluehost provides them all.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • EASY Control Panel
  • 1-CLICK Script Installs
  • C-panel
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Any Time Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

There are lots of add-on features as well like Facebook ads credits, Google AdWords credit and all the add-ons are available as free.

BlueHost Plans

Bluhost offers different types of hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting plans for some really serious guys. But VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting plans are not for beginner bloggers as volume of traffic coming to their blog can be easily handled by shared hosting. But in case you need dedicated hosting and server then go for VPS or Dedicated plans.

BlueHost Customer Support

Support is very necessary and bluehost is always there with you. They offer support anytime you demand and the time they take to help you via live chat is very impressive, as within just few minutes you’ll get your problem solved.

As a loyal user of Bluehost, I am feeling very proud in telling you that Bluehost is among the top 5 best website hosting providers on the internet. They have been in this business since a decade now and their main aim is always to provide the best possible hosting services to all of their users.

Why I Like Bluehost And Recommend It To You?

It is very challenging to provide each users with the best possible hosting service and that too with 100% up time claim. They offer 100% up time claim which not just creates trust in users but they also provide that. You can read any of their previous customer reviews for that. Bluehost is now among the best hosting service providers on the internet due to following reasons,

  • Bluehost use best servers and technologies, so that its users always get best services from them. They also keep on updating their technology with time. So that they are running with time.
  • Providing services is not the end of the deal but users also needs professional support and they provide that too. Users can contact their technicians any time, since they offer 24 hours all over the week free support. Their users can get their support via mail, live chat and even by phone calls.
  • They even provide free services to some extent regarding website or blog development. So that their users find easy and helped during the website development period.
  • Every technology, which has been introduced in the world of website development and internet, is adopted by bluehost instantly. So that bluehost users always get latest technology.
  • Bluehost are among the best hosting providers. So they also offer private or personal hosting services in which they provide separate dedicated servers and all of their services to their users. If your website is having a large user database or potential, then you must get a VPS or dedicated hosting plan and the best thing about bluehost is that they’ve never disappointed any of the user yet.
  • All of their golden rules and passion about this business gives bluehost confidence to offer “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” to their users. No other hosting provider have been able to provide this offer for such a long period of time but they provide it because bluehost is very much confident of what they offer and of what quality they offer.

“Getting successful is easier than maintaining your success status.”

The above statement is very true and it is applicable in every part of their life. Bluehost is successful in getting its goals and it is also successful in maintaining its’ success status which shows how deeply dedicated their team members are.

So my dear friends, if you want to start a blog/website (business), then you need the best and #1 hosting i.e. BLUEHOST. I am sure that you’ll never be disappoint with bluehost. If you’re using any other hosting provider and you are not happy with them, talk to bluehost team, they will help you in all the aspects they can to make you worry free. I hope you will find this bluehost review helpful.

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I am using bluehost for hosting my all wordpress blogs since very long time. So I decided to share my experience here as a review post. But this is not just a review post.

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