Bluehost Vs Godaddy- Who Is Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Lets compare two big players of web host business Godaddy and Bluehost. Comparison between Bluehost Vs Godaddy and see which is the best web hosting company for hosting your wordpress blog?

You can also read about dreampress, managed wordpress hosting services from dreamhost. You’ll find dreampress review there. But personally I recommend you to host your wordpress blogs with bluehost. Because dreampress is very costly service as it offers managed wordpress services, while wordpress hosting services offered by bluehost is the best and cheapest than any other reputed hosting companies. You can see pricing of both bluehost and dreampress here, so you can easily judge who is best and also cheaper:


But we are not discussing here about dreamhost and bluehost, we are reviewing here services between godaddy and bluehost. It has been a great topic of discussion among bloggers and webmasters about – Which is the best WordPress hosting available these days? Well, everyone will have different opinions based on their own experiences and what others have told them.

In this post, you’ll read a comparison between Bluehost and Godaddy based on various factors such as customer support, pricing and user interface etc. Both Bluehost and Godaddy are big players of the hosting arena, countless WordPress blogs are hosted on these web hosting giants and they are giving various offers these days to attract more and more customers.

After reading this post, you’ll have basic knowledge of what Bluehost and Godaddy possess and then it will be up to you to choose either of them. So let’s start the comparison.

BlueHost Vs GoDaddy-Who Is Better?

1. Pricing : Who Is Cheap BlueHost Or GoDaddy?

First of all, we’ll discuss about pricing which is the first thing anyone considers when buying hosting. No one wants to spend lots of money on stuff that they can easily get from somewhere else without spending that much amount. So, when comparing GoDaddy and BlueHost on the basis of their rates we found that BlueHost has products available for cheap as compared to Godaddy. When time of writing this post, Bluehost’s unlimited plan costs arount 4 USD per month (round off figure) whereas Godaddy costs nearly double for its unlimited plan.

 Conclusion: Godaddy hosting prices are very high, So Bluehost is the winner.

2. Reliability : Who Has Better History, Bluehost vs Godaddy?

After spending money you want to experience uninterrupted services such as zero downtime and all. Let me tell you that Godaddy is famous for letting down its customers several times. Recently Godaddy’s servers went dead resulting in thousands of websites staying offline for almost a day. On that incident Godaddy lost its many existing customers along with thousands of potential customers.

Bluehost has no such history till now. They have been showing up to the mark performance from a long time. Blogging is all about staying in touch with your audience and downtime of a whole day means a bad impact on your visitors.

 Conclusion: Bluehosts wins with a good history.

3. Domain Names : Best Domain Provider Godaddy Vs Bluehost

GoDaddy is famous for its domain names; in fact it is the number one domain name registrar. GoDaddy always comes up with several cool offers with its domains, such as “free privacy protection with a .com domain”. The count of offers on domain names is mind boggling, so you better go and visit their official website to know more about the latest deals.

Bluehost on the other side is not famous for its domains business. It looks like they are more concerned about the Hosting stuff only. Bluehost has a fixed charge for every domain name (.com, info, .biz, etc.).

 Conclusion: Godaddy is the winner.

4. Interface and Support : Who Wins For Best Customer Satisfaction?

Bluehost has an easy to use hosting account manager dashboard; you can take a look at its demo from their site before buying hosting from them. GoDaddy on the other hand has quite similar options and provides one click installation of WordPress, this feature is available in Bluehost as well.

When it comes to support you’ll know that Godaddy does have a good support system such phone call, E-mail contact and support forum but Godaddy lacks in live chat support thing which everyone desires of. Bluehost has live chat support feature along with its E-mail ticket and Phone call support methods.

 Conclusion: Bluehost wins by possessing live chat support system.

Overall Result:BlueHost Or GoDaddy?

Out of these 4 comparison categories, bluehost wins in 3 categories. So it is clear that Bluehost is a better option as compared to GoDaddy.


I also recommend you to buy bluehost without worry. I am sure that you will not disappoint with their services. I like and recommend bluehost, after using their services, you will also rcommend them to other bloggers. Finally, it is up to you to decide between bluehost and godaddy. Click on below links to visit these sites:

I am sure that you will find this post very helpful to decide which hosting company is better for your wordpress blogs, bluehost or godaddy? Please let me know your views on this, comment below with your opinions.

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