Things You Must Check Before Launching New Blog [Final Checklist]

Previously, I have shared infographic about things to check before publishing new blog post. And now here is the checklist for you on things to check before launching new blog.

So you’re all set to shake the blogging world with your new blog or may be just to earn lot of money. But before hitting the launching schedule you need to check out certain things which you may not be able to undo later.

Things to Check Before Launching Your New Blog

So what are the things or points you need to note down and check before launching your blog? Don’t panic as I’m writing down each of them here and you can note them down in your to-do task list.

Final Things to Check Before Launching New Blog

#1 Security

This is the first thing which you need to worry about. In this digital world there are many dark sides and people who are badly expert in writing codes can snatch your blog easily if you’re not sure of the open holes.

If you’re using Blogger platform then you need not to worry much since everything is handled by the platform but in case of WordPress you need to worry about certain things.

wordpress-security1WordPress dashboard is the area where you find all the tools used to control everything of your blog. This part should be secured in any case with a strong password and some plugins like Limit Login Attempts since by default WordPress offers endless trying there. So don’t let anyone to use any Bruteforce software to try and find exact password.

Also it’s advisable to delete the Admin user which is created by default when you installed fresh copy of WordPress and use a different user with unique user name and strong password.

There are many other things you need to check out and follow most of them according to your comfort and knowledge level. You can find all the things you need to do to secure your WordPress blog completely over here on official WordPress blog.

#2 Permalinks

This feature sets how the URL of each subpage of your blog might look. You need to use the option which will allow putting text instead of some code.

Having words related to the content on that page in permalink is considered user friendly practice by search engines rather than using some codes set up by the blogging platforms (WordPress or Blogger).


The best practice to follow is to keep only limited words in the permalink which can describe the content that page have in short and sweet. You can also include date and month details which gives an indication to search engines and users about the time you published that article. Both these things are good for user experience and considered as ranking factor by Google.

In WordPress, you can find this option under Settings > Permalinks. So check them up and choose an option as per your final plan. Read more about custom permalink structure here.

#3 SEO Plugin and Its Settings

Don’t forget to add a SEO plugin (WordPress SEO by Yoast is my favorite) and set it up by following certain options for your blog as per your requirements. These plugins add an additional feature to let you add Meta Keyword and Description on your own and you can even vary SEO title than original title on your blog (although it’s not recommended to do that).

So I recommend you to do this particular thing and get over it before moving towards the next point here. Here is a list of must have wordpress plugins for full reference.

#4 Social Profiles

Setting up social profiles and also your Google+ profile as author of that blog is must. Although Google had stopped showing author profile in its search engine but there is still some benefits of doing this.

First benefit is that it adds up a sign of genuine to your blog as readers can know the person behind this blog. It’s a clear ranking factor and I recommend you to add an About page too where you can write little bit details about yourself and other authors of your blog.

Get more in depth idea about google authorship markup by visiting this post.

#5 Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Don’t forget these two pages to publish on your blog as they describe certain policies which come into consideration after readers start using your blog to either gain knowledge or perform a task as mentioned in a tutorial on your blog.

Just Google it for the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages sample and you’ll find dozens of them. Edit them as per your blog title and URL and publish with required changes.

#5 Sitemap

I’m expecting that you’re aware of what a Sitemap is and so your blog need to have a Sitemap file for both Search Engine bots and also for readers of your blog. To setup it for Search Engine bots you can use a plugin named Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold and for readers you can use Simple Sitemap plugin by David Gwyer.

Sitemap- Checklist For Launching New BlogBoth these sitemap pages will be used by bots and readers to easily navigate through your blog and this particular point is going to be considered by Google before assigning a rank to each of your blog post. If you’re using wordpress seo by Yoast plugin, sitemap function is already included. We use plugin by yoast for this also.

#6 Navigation and Blog Speed

All done? Now work upon Navigation and Blog speed and you’re done with most important things and can comfortably launch your blog now. Each page of your blog must be reachable with ease (via Menus, Categories, Tags and Interlinks) and this is how you setup a good navigation.

And you also need to consider speed of your blog. Use this tool by Google to find out exact speed of your blog and it will also let you know things to work upon to improve. Here is a guide on How to Speed Up and Improve Blog Load Time for Higher Search Rankings.

Do let me know if I missed any important thing and we will discuss on that.

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