Free Keyword Research Tools-Alternatives to Google Adwords Keyword Tool

It can be quite hard to know exactly what to do when you are just starting out in keyword research. With all of the misinformation on the internet these days, you never know if you are doing the research correctly or not.

Recently, Google has discontinued goolge adwords keyword tool And it is replaced by google keyword planner. In this post, you will find some free keyword research tools as an alternatives to google adwords keyword tool.

So to help you out, here are 10 (Except Adwords Keyword Tool) tools that you can check out for free that will help get you all the information you need to target the right keywords.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool-No longer available.

This is usually the first tool that people start using because It is simple and efficient. You just type in the keyword phrase you want to check out and you will be able to see the approximate monthly searches, how much competition you will be against, and also some similar terms you might want to look into. It’s a great place for anyone new to keyword research.


2. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is Replaced by Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a new tool launched by Google. It is an alternative of adwords keyword tool.


Pros Of Keyword Planner

Allow SEM and SEO professionals to get keywords details at city level with better geographic understanding.

Users can upload their own list of 10,000 keywords to get complete idea.

Cons Of Keyword Planner

You must login to us google adwords new keyword planner.

Currently keyword planner has no match type search volume data.

Best Alternatives For Google Adwords Keyword Tool

3. Bing Keyword Research Tool


Although Bing isn’t as used as Google, it still gets a great amount of traffic so the data they provide is reliable. It will provide you results based off of what you are trying to target. You can search by country, region, or language, which makes trying to target a specific market easier.

4. UberSuggest


This is another completely free keyword research tool that aims to assist you in tracking down the best keyword for your content. What makes this tool a little different from the rest is its ability to get information from all of the major search engines, and at the same time pulls data from the less popular search engines. Will all of the combined information, you can be sure you will get some great keyword suggestions.

5. SEOBook Keyword Generator


SEOBook comes with all types of resources and paid tools, but it offers the keyword research tool for free. You will be able to input the data you want to research and it comes with a list of suggested words that are relevant. If you don’t use it as a part of the paid toolset, then you will have to use it as a free plugin within Firefox.

6. SEMRush


This tool can be upgraded to a pro subscription but can still be used for free. As a free user, you are limited to the amount of searches you can do per day, but can still help you with your research. It has access to data for over 80 million different keywords and can even provide some information on your competitors.

7. SEOQuake


This is another Firefox addon, but is a very powerful tool that you can use anytime you are surfing the internet. It gives you statistics on different types of metrics and also offers other SEO tools. It will also provide statistics of the websites you go to, giving you a better idea of what the competition is like when you are reviewing their sites.



This isn’t exactly an actual keyword research tool that will give you targeted keywords, but is a very powerful tool when you are researching. Making sure you use all types of words is important, so don’t leave any out by checking the thesaurus.

9. Keyword Typo Generator


This tool helps you by coming up with a list of common mistakes of spelling. People misspell their searches all of the time, so don’t underestimate using typos as keywords because they can still bring in a good amount of traffic.

10. Rank Checker


You can use this tool to get ranking information on keywords and domain names that you are looking into. It pulls information from major search engines and gives you data according to each search engine. Can be helpful when you are just looking to get ranking information and not in depth statistics.

11. Bing Ads Intelligence


This is not only a keyword research tool, but can also be used as an optimization tool. It pulls keyword expansion, research, PPC pricing data, and how effective the keywords will be all into Microsoft office Excel. It is a great addition to any set of tools you may already be using, the only requirement is that you have Excel.

While there are plenty of free tools and resources out there, these 10 (Except Adwords Keyword Tool) should help you get started on your keyword research. I am sure you will find this list of best and free keyword research tools and list of an alternatives to Google adwords keyword tool very helpful.

Author Bio: Ness is a web enthusiast who loves contributing guest posts for MakeAWebsite – a site providing hosting reviews for webmasters. Visit their site for more useful tips.

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