How To Create A Blog In India – Free Step By Step Guide

 Step By Step Complete Tutorial On How To Create A Blog In India

Hey welcome future successful Indian blogger. Here is the detailed guide for you for starting a successful blog in India.

Note: Click on the red button at the end of this post to open complete guide on how to start a blog for free in india.

How To Create A Blog In India

How To Create A Blog In India

There are many steps that I feel are important to starting a blog and to a blog’s success. This is the blueprint being followed here and also with my other personal sites, blogs and affiliate sites.

We all need a plan to follow, a map if you like. If we don’t have this, we drift in no real direction. I will give you that map, that direction to take. This is not only a technical guide, more of a bloggers bible. Follow this and success is something that will come easier.

Work is still required. There are no short cuts, whatever others tell you. You need to be in it for the long term. It’s about finding a system, staying consistent and working hard. The success will come with time.

Creating a blog in today’s world is much easier than it used to be. Earlier there were no packages or installers where you would click and just get a blog started. It is a piece of cake today but many years back it was a hard job for a common man to start his own blog.

First you need to check with your host as to what all restrictions are imposed on the server. Secondly, you have to ask your web hosting company if the script they run on the site would be allowed by them or not.

Once that is through you have to catch hold of a programmer and developer who would install the blog on your server and configure your database.

Creating a blog in India is same as creating a blog anywhere in the world

There are several steps involved to create a blog in India from scratch like:

1. Find yourself a good blogging platform where you can blog.

2. Choose a topic on which you will start blogging.

3. Make sure the topic is what you have interest and knowledge in. Do not start a blog for the heck of it.

4. Even though the primary language in India is Hindi, you should still blog in English considering that it is the primary language read online. It would be a good thing to have a Hindi version of your blog as well.

5. Make sure you have installed a good template so that your site is presentable.

6. If you want to have a more advanced version then install additional plugins to your blog. These plugins can help you in many areas from blog security to spam blocking to the complete management of your blog.

Alright.. Let’s start the step by step blogging tutorial now. Please click on the below link to read how to create a blog in India easily and step by step. Best Of Luck, Future Indian Bloggers..!!

Click Here To Read Complete Guide On Creating A Blog In India
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