How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Unbanned Easily

This guide how to get unbanned from adsense (google) is updated for year 2015. So you can surf this tutorial to get your account back from ban.

I know the feeling, one day you wake up in the morning, checking your emails and suddenly you read that your adsense get banned. What the hell is going on? But don’t worry. I will show you how to get your google adsense account unbanned very easily.

In this post you will learn how you can get back your adsense account, your hard work and all the money you earned from blog via Google adsense. Google is very strict and monitor each and every account details in depth.

How Did Your Adsense Account Get Banned?

The answer is simple, there are so many reasons that your adsense account banned but probably two main reasons this happened:

  1. You have clicked on your ads
  2. Somebody else has done click bombing on your site. Click bombing is usually done by your blogging enemies.


How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Unbanned?

Below is 5 steps process to get your google adsense account back easily:

The Five Steps To Get Unbanned From Google Adsense:

  1. Try to find out why your account was banned: Google always gives a reason to ban your account. Google mainly gives reason like invalid clicks. Use Google analytics to find some strange activity that is going on your blog, If you succeed in tracing an IP, you will easily get your adsense account unbanned.
  2. Contact Google team by filling up the form they provide: Try to be nice while answering, give solid proof to them. Provide them those IPs that you found from analytics. If the invalid clicks are from them, you will receive your account back. Here is the link to Google Adesense Invalid Activity Appeal Form:
  3. Provide solid evidences: Google will not give your account back without any proper evidence you provide. Try to figure out why did you lose your adsense.
  4. Keep your calm: Let Google make proper research and if you have provided proper proof and you are innocent, you will receive your adsense account back and this all will only happen if you keep calm.
  5. Persistence will surely help: If you lose your confidence after only just a mail or two,it would be difficult to receive your account back. Make sure you mail them with proper proof again and again and keeping your side heavier.

Following these tips will surely help you to get your adsense account unbanned and make sure you have the will to fight against it. Google will sure give your adsense account back if you are innocent by your side.

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Recent Improvement In Google Adsense Account Ban Process

Google has announced that they have made changes in the process they use to suspend adsense accounts, ban publishers as well as in the appeal process for getting adsense account unbanned.

The changes include:

  • Google will now look at the age and may only suspend instead of terminate the publisher while working with that publisher to fix that issue.
  • A new and more detailed appeal form will be given to the user to get his google adsense account unbanned.
  • Google will be less strict to the innocent people.

We are not providing any type of guarantee that you will 100% get your google adsense account unbanned but giving you the tips we have been using and other bloggers have been using. Believe in yourself if you are true. Best Of Luck My Friend..!!

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