How To Start A Blog – Free Step By Step WordPress Beginners Tutorial

Please Note: This extensive helpful guide was published on December, 2012 but it is being maintained by me and is updated for 2015.

“Hi, I am absolute beginner. I want to create a blog, but I don’t know how do I start a blog? Can you teach me how to start a blog step by step?”- My friend from US asked me.

And another friend from India requested me to write a detailed guide on, “How To Create A Blog In India?

 If this is your question, you are most welcome to this wordpress tutorial for beginners. I have written this tutorial only for you, So that you can create a blog from scratch easily.

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

 Creating a blog is not a big deal now-a-days. But to make a blog with no mistake is very important. What you will learn from this wordpress tutorial is how to build a better blog from the beginning. So you do not have to repent later.

 In this how to start a blog tutorial, I will teach you how to create a wordpress blog step by step and how to make your blog successful. Creating money making blog needs knowledge of blogging basics. Let’s know the basics and start to create your blog from scratch.

 Here is a lot of helpful content to go through. So I recommend you to bookmark this page so you can land here back and follow the content at your own comfort.

 Who Should Follow This Blogging Tutorial:

As I said earlier, this how to start blogging guide is intended for any blogger who is looking for the answer of following questions:

Below is the list of content which this tutorial has covered. You can simply click on the link to jump over that topic. Best Of Luck To You..!!

How To Start A Blog Includes:

  1. Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog
  2. Things You Will Need To Start A Blog
  3. Deciding Your Blog Topic To Build A Blog
  4. Keyword Research Tips – Real Secret Of Success
  5. Brainstorming Your Domain Name
  6. Right Choice Of Web Hosting Company
  7. Design Of Your Blog
  8. Install Free & Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog
  9. Creating Killer Blog Content
  10. WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips
  11. Getting Traffic To Your New Blog
  12. How Can You Make Money With A Blog?
  13. “How To Start A Blog” Final Words

Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

 Yes, everything should be start with a strong reason. Just deciding to blog is not enough. You must have a purpose for creating a blog and plan for how to start a blog.

Below are some important reasons for which bloggers create blogs. This list may help you to know your purpose if you do not have.

Top 10 Reasons Why Bloggers Make A Blog

#1. As you are the blog owner, No one is your BOSS.

#2. You can explore your creativity by having your blog.

#3. You can easily showcase your portfolio through blog.

#4. You can become next blogging authority.

#5. By providing your services, You can affect people’s live.

#6. Blog helps you to prove yourself as an expert in your niche.

#7. You can build a big network by starting a blog.

#8. You can easily promote your services and products through blogging.

#9. If you have an established business, You can brand your business.

#10. And Of course, You can make money with your blog.

 Now I am sure that you may have your purpose to start blogging. Ok then moving to the next how to start a blog step.

Things You Will Need To Start A Blog

To create a blog (that makes money), you need to spend some amount of money. With free blog, it’s difficult to monetize blogging. I will promise you that I will only suggest you to buy things which are must to make a blog.

How To Start A Blog Requirements:

Deciding Your Blog Topic To Build A Blog

Following are the best tips for you to find your blog niche topic. Wisely selection of blog topic decide your success. So do not select your blog niche in hurry. Now go through these tips and decide a profitable niche for your blog.

Your blog topic may be any topic –

  • You are crazy about
  • You like to discuss with fellow people
  • You like to know more about it

Ideal Blog Topic which makes money –

  • Should be popular enough
  • Should not be time framed
  • Should have less amount of competition
  • Should have sufficient income sources
  • You should be capable to produce unique, high quality content

For more detailed information about blog niche, you may read following post:
For More Help: How To Find A Niche Topic For Your Blog
If you have finalized your blog topic, it’s time to learn keyword research to build your successful blog-How To Start A Blog.

Keyword Research Tips- Real Secret Of Success

Keyword research is a practice used by search engine optimization professionals to find and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. Search engine optimization professionals research keywords in order to achieve better rankings in their desired keywords.-Wikipedia

Keyword research tool you can use-

  • #1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool- Visit Site
  • #2. Long Tail Pro- Visit Site
  • #3. Traffic Travis
  • #4. Market Samurai

You can use all of these tools for keyword research. Google adwords keyword tool is completely free to use. You can try Market samurai for 12 days completely free. You can download traffic travis trial version to carry out keyword analysis.

Keyword Reasearch Methods:

Without Use Of Keyword Research Tools:

  • In Google adwords keyword tool use exact search option
  • Identify your IN TITLE and IN URL competition in google by typing, “allintitle:keyword” and “allinurl:keyword” (without “ ”) respectively. As per my experience, results less than 30k is a good keyword.
  • Make selection of couple of best keywords. Now download and install SEOQUAKE into your browser (Firefox, Chrome and Opera) to know your competitors strength.
  • SEOQUAKE is the best free tool which analyze search results. SEOQUAKE gives information about any site for a wide range of parameters such as page rank, Google index, Alexa and many others. SEOquake Toolbar shows values of the parameters under each search result in SERP of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu.
  • By this you can shorten your keyword list. Remove keywords which have high competition in first page of serps. You can make decision by viewing website’s pagerank and indexed pages in google.

With Use Of Keyword Research Tool:

#1. Market Samurai -Read below tutorial to learn keyword research with market samurai

           Market Samurai Guide- Keyword research tutorial using market samurai

#2. Traffic Travis -Read below tutorial to learn keyword research with traffic travis

Traffic Travis Guide- Keyword research tutorial using traffic travis

 Any of the keyword research method you use, now you have a list of keywords having less competition and high search volume. That’s great!!

Let’s move to the next step of How To Make A WordPress Blog- Deciding Domain Name.

Brainstorming Your Domain Name

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS)- Wikipedia

It is your “address” on the World Wide Web (WWW). It’s your online identity, represents your personality and skills.

Characteristics Of Ideal Domain Name:

#1. Should include your primary keyword

#2. Should be Top Level Domain (TLD) – .COM (recommeded), .NET or .ORG

#3. Should be short and easy to remember

#4. Should be easy to spell and difficult to misspell

#5. Should not contain hyphens

List of best domain name registrars:



#3. ENOM



 Now if you have decided your domain name, register your favorite domain name.

 Next Step: How To Register Your Domain Name

After registering your blog domain name, it’s now turn to purchase suitable and best wordpress web hosting- How To Start A Blog.

Right Choice Of Web Hosting Company

As we are talking about building a wordpress blog, let’s see which are the best web hosting companies for wordpress blog. But before this, you need to know what you should check before purchasing wordpress hosting.

How To Select Web Hosting Company

#1. Do not go for cheap only. Do not host your blog with cheap unknown company. It may cause your big loss in future.

#2. Check transparency of web hosting company. Always check exact disk space, bandwidth, server uptime and speed.

#3. Check online for honest reviews of web hosting company you select to host your wordpress blog.

#4. Don’t forget to know about their support system. Because you have to ask for help to support team whenever you are in trouble. So, good support is must.

#5. Company should provide you upgrade option. Because in the beginning when you create a blog, you do not require much disk space and bandwidth, But as your blog grows it requires more disk space and bandwidth. So do check for their upgrade option.

Where To Host Your Blog: Best Web Hosting Companies

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

#1. InMotion Hosting

#2. Bluehost

#3. Dreamhost or DreamPress

#4. Hostgator

HostGator WordPress Blog Hosting

HostGator WordPress Hosting

DreamHost 125

DreamHost WordPress Hosting

BlueHost 125

BlueHost WordPress Blog Hosting

 For your ease I have made comparison between these three wordpress web hosting companies. I think you should read this post to know more about these companies.

You May Like: BlueHost Or HostGator Or DreamHost – Which Is Best Hosting Company?

HostGator India is the best wordpress hosting for bloggers in India. This blog is hosted on Hostgator India. And I am very happy with the services they offer. So I recommend all Indian bloggers to host their blog with Hostgator India.- How To Start A Blog In India

 Have you decided where to host your blog or not? Fine. Your just few steps away from creating a wordpress blog which makes good money.

 After buying hosting, you need to point your domain to web host and have to install wordpress. Use below posts to point your domain and to install wordpress.

 Next Step: Point Your Domain Name To Your Web Host

Next Step: How To Install WordPress Using Fantastico

Design Of Your Blog

 Design of your wordpress blog matters a lot. A very important step but often ignored by most of the beginner bloggers. So let’s learn more about blog design in this how to start a blog from scratch tutorial.

 You can give a great look by selecting a beautiful theme. What you should know while choosing a theme for your wordpress blog? Below is the answer of this:

#1. Go for easy to customize theme

#2. Theme should be capable of easy drag and drop options to customize

#3. Do not forget to check its live demo

#4. Check for theme support options available there

#5. Check for compatibility of theme in various browsers

#6. Now at last look for the theme price and compare with other companies

From where Can I Get A theme for My WordPress Blog?

 Free WordPress Themes: Go to Google and check for various alteration of keywords like, ‘free wordpress themes’, ‘free themes for wordpress’, ‘free wordpress blog themes’, etc. You will find your free theme there.

 Premium WordPress Themes: There are many wordpress theme providers available. Some of the best premium theme providers are,

MyThemeShop WordPress Themes

MyThemeShop Themes

#1. MyThemeShop Themes

#2. Elegant Themes

#3. Thesis Theme

#4. Studiopress

#5. Themeforest

Go to their website, watch demo, see plans and pricing and select a good theme for your blog.

How To Install New Theme In WordPress Via Dashboard

Go to your wordpress Dashboard → Appearance → Themes → Install Themes → Upload → Browse Your Theme From Your Computer → Click On Install Now → Watch Live Preview → And if you like it, click on ACTIVATE.

 That’s it. After installing a theme, you need to know about wordpress plugins for your beautiful blog.- How To Start A Blog

Install Free & Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

WordPress is free open source blogging platform and content management system (CMS). Hundreds of best and free wordpress Plugins make wordpress most popular blogging platform on the web.

 Wordpress plugins can extend wordpress blog to do almost anything one can imagine. As of today, wordpress plugin directory includes 22,460 free wordpress plugins.

 You can browse the directory and find suitable plugins for your blog.

 Click here to surf free wordpress plugins. This Process of finding useful plugins from directory is quite tedious. So I have created a list of some helpful wordpress plugins that your wordpress blog must have to get started and make money online through blogging.

This list of free wordpress plugins includes-

#1. WordPress Back up Plugins like Back up buddy, Wp database backup, BackWPup

#2. WordPress Blog Optimization Plugins like W3 total cache plugin, Broken Link Checker, Wass up real time analytics

#3. WordPress SEO Plugins like WordPress seo by yoast, Google xml site maps, Seo slugs

#4. WordPress Social Media Plugins like Social Media Tabs, Digg Digg, Share Bar

#5. WordPress Plugins To Enhane Core Functionality like WP-PageNavi, Nrelate Related Content, Fast Secure Contact Form, etc.

#6. WordPress Advertisement Plugins like Pretty Link Lite, WP125, Advertisement Management

#7. WordPress Comments Plugins like Subscribe to comments, Commentluv, G.A.S.P., Keywordluv, etc

 We recommend you to Read below post to know more about all above plugins and download them:

Next Step: Free WordPress Plugins That Your Blog Must Have and come back to learn how to install these plugins to your new wordpress blog.

How To Install New Plugin To Your WordPress Blog

Go To Your Dashboard → Plugins → Add New → Upload → Browse your downloaded plugin from your computer → Now Click on Install Now → Activate Plugin

 That’s so simple. Isn’t it? Now your wordpress blog is ready for writing great blog content. Let’s see next step of how to start a blog series- how to write a good blog.

Creating Killer Blog Content

Do not just write a blog post. Make it KILLER POST.

What is a Killer Blog Post?

A killer blog post is a published post which offers significant amount of value for a particular subject or should solve a problem.

Ideal Killer Blog Post

#1. Killer blog post must be in depth and must fully cover a specific topic.

#2. Killer blog post must be helpful to blog readers.

#3. Killer blog post must solve a problem completely, it should be in a form of solution.

#4. Make your killer post interesting and don’t write long paragraphs.

#5. Write your killer posts reader optimized not only search engine optimized.

#6. Your killer post must be true and not just assumptions.

#7. Make your killer post well organized – In Easy to read and Understand order.

But How Can I Create Killer Content? And What Topic I Choose?

Good Question. So Your next step of How To Start A Blog Tutorial is to read Write Killer content Series By Jane Sheeba where she teaches how you can create killer content for your blog. You will sure get answers of all Why, What and How from Jane regarding killer content.

I personally love this tutorial and of course her blog Problogging Success where she shares her best blogging tips. So if you have not yet read this series, I recommend you to grab the full Write Killer Content Course. (Don’t Worry, It’s free and PRICELESS).

 Hey before writing content for your blog, it is must to learn a little about WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Wordpress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization is the main part of this whole game. You write the best content on the web, but what is the meaning if no one is going to read it.  So, below are most important WordPress SEO Tips to reserve Your top place in SERPs:

15 WordPress SEO Tips – How To Start A Blog

#1. Change your wordpress custom permalink structure – I suggest either /post-name/ or /category/post-name/

Read More- WordPress Permalinks Structure

#2. Do not use stop words like ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’, ‘and’ in your wordpress slugs.

#3. Include your main keyword at the starting of post title.

#4. Blog post title should be less than 70 words.

#5. Write meta description and add your main keyword in it.

#6. Spread keyword in blog post body naturally within acceptable keyword density range.

#7. Optimize blog post images by adding proper alt and title tags.

#8. Generate xml sitemap and submit it to Google and Bing Webmaster Tool.

#9. Use Breadcrumbs for blog structure optimization.

#10. Stop simply bold the subheadings, Use Heading Tags like h2, h3,..,h6 instead.

#11. Increase blog loading speed – by using w3 total cache plugin.

#12. Use Pagination – WP-Pagenavi plugin is best for this.

#13. Make use of Google Authorship Markup. Verify your authorship.

Read: Google Authorship Markup Guide

#14. Interlink your blog posts with good anchor text.

#15. Also spread link love to a good external blogs of related topics.

 For more detailed seo tips, How To Start A Blog Tips Recommends You To Read: WordPress SEO Tips By Yoast

Ahh, So you know wordpress SEO and have written great killer blog post. It’s now your turn to promote your blog and generate traffic to your new wordpress blog.

Getting Traffic To Your New Blog

Receiving traffic to your blog is not automatic process. You need to follow some tips and techniques in order to get visitors. Below are few tips which will help you to increase your new blog’s traffic gradually.

8 Surefire Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic

#1. Leave meaningful comments on popular blogs.

#2. Write Killer blog posts frequently.

#3. Always write search engine optimized blog posts as I mentioned above.

#4. Use social networking sites like facebook, twitter, google+ to get traffic.

#5. Guest Blog Posting on popular blogs is the best way to get quality traffic.

#6. Getting targeted traffic via forums related to your blog niche.

#7. Getting quality traffic via use of different blogging communities.

#8. Submit your blog to Blog Carnivals to receive traffic.

 When you start receiving enough traffic to your blog, you should start making money through your blog. Don’t worry if you do not know how to make money with a blog, just continue reading this How To Start A Blog post.

How Can You Make Money With A Blog?

If your blog receives huge traffic doesn’t mean you are going to make huge money. Traffic is not directly proportional to money in all cases.

Monetizing A Blog Is An Art

 Let’s see some of the best ways to make money from your blog.

10 Ways To Make Money With A Blog

#1. Make money with a blog by selling ad blocks on your blog.

#2. Join reliable ad networks to manage your advertising.

#3. Make money from affiliate marketing.

#4. You can also monetize your blog by writing paid reviews.

#5. Monetize by selling products from your blog.

#6. Create your own products to make money blogging.

#7. If you are creating videos for your blog, sell ads to show in your videos.

#8. Earn money by starting paid tuition classes teaching your expertise topic.

#9. Monetize blog by offering paid services through your blog.

#10. If you are serving something free to others with your blog, do not hesitate for accepting donation.

 I recommend you to read below post to know how to make money with a blog in detail:

Read: Best Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

“How To Start A Blog” Final Words

That is everything you should know about how to start a blog with wordpress from scratch. I hope you will find this step by step wordpress tutorial for beginners very helpful to make a blog yourself easily.

 If you need any help regarding setting up your wordpress blog, let me help you. Feel free to contact me using this contact form. And you can ask me any question or doubt related to build your blog in the comment section below. I will get in touch as soon as possible.

Did You Like This WordPress Guide?

 At last, If you like this free start blogging resource and willing to reward me, you can just link to this tutorial from your blog which is the best compensation I could get. Or you can also thank me by simply sharing this guide on social networks with your friends. I will appreciate your support..!!

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