How To Start Blogging Series For Beginners: A Step By Step Guide To Start A Blog

Hello friends, welcome to techigyaan. Your search for how to start blogging step by step guide ends here. Below I have written detailed steps to start a blog. Many of my friends (nearly all) ask me so many time that ‘I want to start a blog but I don’t know how to start a blog and where to start blogging‘. And so I decided to write a series for this in detail and in simple words. I know there are plenty of blogs which explains about steps to start blogging. But you go through these steps and feel the difference. Follow these steps and realize how simple is blogging.

Step By Step Guide On How To Start Blogging For Beginners

 How to create a blog step by step series:

Important note: Follow every step of this series step by step. Don’t jump on further step if you don’t understand the previous step. Feel free to ask me anything about start blogging. I am here only to help bloggers. Never hesitate to ask even what is blog. I was also at this stage where you are today.

So, lets start your blogging journey. Best of luck my friend.

How To Start Blogging

Step 1: Find a profitable niche

First step to start blogging. Before you start a blog you must have to know for what you are start blogging, for which niche you will be write, which niche attracts you more and in which niche you are master. So, You must have to decide your niche (or topic) for a blog before anything else.

“A blog without predetermined niche is a life without goals.”

I will help you how to find a niche. Only think about to find a niche for your blog. Don’t go to second step before finishing the first step to go in right direction. Click here for Finding a niche for your blog.

step 2: Learn keyword research for SEO

This is the step where every new blogger or better say beginner fails. Because this step you will find rarely at initial level. But it is the heart and base for your blog and success. Before learning process of how to do keyword research any further step for start blogging leads you close to failure. So keep patience and know how to keyword research and see how to start blogging like a blog you are reading now.

Ok. Till now you have chosen your niche for your blog. Now click here to follow How to keyword research.

step 3: Register a domain name

Here you will use your knowledge of keyword research. After finding your niche/topic for your blog, next step is getting a domain name. but now its up to you, what you want from your blog/website. If you are starting a blog for personal purpose or brand, no need to learn keyword research. Pick any of your favorite domain name and check for that particular domain name availability. If that domain name is available, go ahead and if not available find another domain name and check availability. Other option to get your favorite domain name is to change domain name extension. When you decided your brand domain name, start blogging.

But wait if you are blogging for money/profit, you must get a domain name which include your chosen profitable keyword (you have find in step 2). Read Registering a domain name and domain name how to.

step 4: Buy web host

Now I am assuming that you have purchased your desired domain name. we are moving to the next step for starting a blog which is buying a home for your good domain name called web hosting. Most of the newbie’s get confused when they are looking for web hosting as there are so many hosting providers in market. But this step is very easy as 1.2.3. you must have to check some criteria before buying a web hosting. Read all the information of your hosting provider like disk space, bandwidth and other facilities. Don’t worry, I am explaining in detail with screens on how to choose web hosting and where to host your blog to start a blog of your own domain name. Next guide how to choose web hosting and where to host your blog.

step 5: Point a domain name to your web host

Till now you have already choose your niche, got your keywords to start a blog, bought good domain name and purchased some web space to survive in blogosphere. Now you are just few steps ahead to start blogging. This is another easy step towards a better blog. In this, you have to point your domain to your hosting provider if you have bought domain and hosting from different providers. If you purchase both these from single provider, this step will automatically done for you buy your provider. Your next read is How to point your domain name to your web host.

step 6: Choose your blogging Platform

You have all the tools to start blogging except blogging platform. Therefore your next step is to choose your platform for starting a blog. There are various free and top blogging platforms are available to choose from like wordpress (most recommended), blogger, drupal, typepad, moveable type and tumblr. Many other platforms are available but these are most used blogging platforms. I recommend to use wordpress (I will only give tips about wordpress). So, learn about how to start blogging with wordpress. To know more click here for Top Best blogging platforms.

step 7: Install wordpress on your blog

Now you have finalized wordpress as your blogging platform. Great. Lets start blogging with wordpress. First you have to install wordpress for your blog. Don’t worry. I will show you how to install wordpress to your blog step by step. Installing wordpress to your blog is very easy task. Must know WordPress installation guide.

step 8: Choose a wonderful theme for your blog

After installing wordpress, you should find a beautiful and meaningful theme for your blog. There are different factors you should consider while finding a wordpress theme for your blog. Check themes specifications for considering some factors. Guide for Choose a theme for your blog.

step 9: Write great Content

Three most important tips to start writing and make your blog successful.

Tip #1: write unique articles.

Tip #2: write some more unique articles

Tip #3: write more and more unique article. Never stop.

If you follow this step seriously, no one can stop you going towards problogging.

Next step How to write blog posts.

step 10: Promote Your Blog

Not only for promotion of your blog but it also helps you for survival on blogosphere. As humans are social animal, humans need society to survive in this world. Exactly same for your blog, it needs social networking for survive in blogosphere world. Learn social networking and take action. Go through Promote your blog.

step 11: Tying it All Together

If you have followed above 10 killer steps to start blogging, I am sure you will never ask to anyone how to start blogging. Because the remaining part for starting a blog is to repeat above steps smartly (I know you are smart enough to do this). As you have found your niche for blogging, bought domain name containing your main keyword in it and established your blog to world class blogging platform wordpress, you just have to

  1. find keywords (related to your niche) for every new page you create,
  2. write unique contents and
  3. promote it regularly.

How simple is this! This is your exercise: keep it all together.

Last Step: Never forget to say “THANKS!!”

“Wow!!” The first word you will say when you see your first blog live. And the main thing is that blog is only launched by you. All is your hard work. But in the journey towards starting your first blog, many individuals had helped you a little or more. You are here only because of your will power and their contribution. So whenever you find that someone guide you truly, just say “thanks” or write some words for their contribution. This will separate you from other will stand out as a unique blogger.

So If you found that I have helped you a little, please share some words of appreciation and ask anything you want…

Please share in comment : Is how to start blogging helpful to you? Is anything I forgot? Want to add any step? Or you like this series? Don’t forget to comment as well as like on facebook, retweet, digg or stumble upon this series.

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