Start a blog a marketing lesson from Usain Bolt

A marketing lesson from Usain Bolt

I was sitting in a coffee shop a little while ago watching Usain bolt running one of his latest grand Prix races. As I watched him mentally preparing to crush his opponents I thought to myself what would Usain bolt be like if he was an internet marketer or blogger.
Within a few minuets of him finishing his race I had jotted down 7 point for success.

Ultimately I decided Usain Bolt would be calculated marketer not flitting around from one shiny object to the next. Instead he would be result driven with superior level of focus. Usain bolt looks very relaxed almost like he just turned up for a quick run around the park. Remember, looks can be deceiving even though he looks like he hasn’t warmed up and spent many years training, actually the complete opposite is true. It may look that way but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

What you see is the result of careful planning and preparation which has ultimately lead him to be successful every single time he steps on the track.
Lets relate this back to internet marketing. I think it could help every single one of us to visualize exactly what we want to achieve. Visualize our success and understand each step of the journey that we need to take to reach our goal. Success and disappointment go hand in hand. Usain bolt didn’t always stand on a track and win every single race he entered. He worked at it.

Dissecting exactly what it would take to become the fastest man in the world. I bet he reverse engineered his success.
If we look at Usain’s key to success we could boil it down to a simply word, which is preparation. Years of preparation for 9.6 second of competition. This tells me that success comes only through living and breathing what you want to succeed at.

It doesn’t come from forgetting that a genuine interest in what you are doing really helps you succeed.
If you want to start a blog the chances are you will install WordPress on your hosting account and throw up some content and pay a small fee to have loads of back-links created, this could be compared to bolt eating McDonalds each and every day, never setting foot on a training track and being surprised when he doesn’t achieve any results.

Like so many things in life if you want to become good you need to learn the skills and then practice them. Don’t shy away from the hard work. The work that you do in the beginning is your training. Let me put this into a practical example; people say comments on blogs will help your search engine rankings and to gain traffic. So many new bloggers think “that’s easy”, I saw a fiverr gig for 5000 blog comment job done. I Know this is a slightly extreme example but I have seen this time and time again, the short cut culture. This is generally followed by people getting nowhere and ultimately failing to realize their potential.
Lets change perspective and start from the beginning. Lets assume you want to start a blog because you are interested in that particular area of writing. I chose blogging tips and techie aritcles because it appealed to me I was trying to make an online income it seemed natural to start blogging about it. Everyday I visited forums and other internet marketers blogs while I was there I was absorbed in what others were saying.

At first I was nervous to write my opinion down, but eventually i joined in everyday I was joining in with forum debates and commenting on people blogs. It actually became an enjoyable process one that I was learning from.
Think back to a younger more naive Usain bolt and his coach explaining to him how fast he needs to run to be an Olympic champion.

Without the training he probably would have just given up there and then. However, he didn’t his focus was on the steps. He possibly had an ultimate goal in mind but those steps he worked through at the start were his focus. In the case of internet marketing, getting involved  by participating in discussions that shape our business are important. You need to focus on creating interesting content, guest posting, participating in forums and being creative with your writing this should be your foundation for success.
As a side note I don’t think Google will penalize you if you take this approach. It strikes me that Google just wants to stop recycled junk being pushed all over the internet. Google strives for relevant’s because as consumers that’s what we want. Often we hear of people losing their traffic and reader base because of a Google update.These updates seem to be geared toward the benfit of us all. Would you want to find meaningless junk every time you searched for something? I don’t think so. We would all change the search engine we were using. This is why Google is Successful.

Back on track

Usain bolt’s goal and our own may look different but actually if you want to go and achieve anything in life whether it be an Olympic gold medal or a blog that generates us $5000 per month the steps are the same. Remember preparation is key, keep in mind the short 100m race and all the years of preparation that go into being a success at it. The race is a small part the preparation and planning for the race are the most important parts. Here Are  my simple seven steps to internet marketing success inspired by the fasted man in the world, ever. firstly you need to have an end goal in sight. (maybe you want 10,00 visitors a month) you need to work back from that goal trace the steps you need to get to your final destination. This is reverse engineering. You can start the process by reverse engineering what others are doing and then apply it to your business

Turn these steps into an action plan.

  • Get involved in forums and blog commenting use you signature but don’t spam.
  • Document your journey as this journey will be a valuable asset in future. You could create your own product
  • Remember the process is never finished  but don’t think you are chasing something far away focus on the plan the steps you need to achieve success.

success is about doing things consistently better than others. Keep going don’t get disheartened even when things don’t work out.

Final thoughts for those wanting to start a blog

Remember when we are involved in creating a blog or internet marketing you are working within a world of information. Information products that are bought and sold on a second by second basis.

If you have knowledge and you have a well documented plan about what you have done this can  be used as content for your blog, eBook, guest post or free report in the future. There are many people wanting to get into internet marketing and your journey along with the failures and successes you experience are important information that people want to know about.

Start a blog today and write about what you like, others will grow on your passion. Happy blogging!


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