14 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

Hey Friends, Are you interested to know the reasons why to start your own blog?

It means you want to create your own blog.

That’s very nice decision. First, let’s see what is a blog and how to create a blog from scratch.

Then after we’ll see best reasons why you should start one now.

Do You Know What Is A Blog?

A blog (short form of weblogs) is a discussion or information site published on the internet consisting of posts typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. [Reference: Wikipedia]

Why to Start Your Own Blog Now

Blog is like a personal diary which you can share with your readers. Blog helps you to express your feelings and to show your knowledge on internet.

Blog is usually the work of individual or small group, therefore most of the blogs are on the owner’s name. Blogs mostly stick with single niche having various categories and subcategories.

How To Start Your Own Blog?

For beginner bloggers who want to create a blog but don’t know how to start blogging?

I have written a very nice killer post on How To Start Your Own Blog Step By Step.

In this post I have done my best to give you very detailed guide to create a blog with wordpress.

You don’t need to go anywhere else to find such guide.

Starting our own blog is a very great feeling. Blogging helps bloggers in various ways. Bloggers must know the benefits of becoming a blogger. In this post, I have mentioned the benefits of starting a blog.

Read More: Blogging Tips For Beginners

Reasons To Start Your Own Blog

Before 5-6 years, there were days you just create a blog and carry out keyword research, then do keyword stuffing and minor seo, your blog will get a higher position in search engines like google.

But at this time, competition is increasing day by day. Bloggers must work smart to get good position in search engine rankings.

Therefore bloggers need some inspiration to fight against this competition.

Here I have written the best reasons to start blogging which will inspire you to make your decision about starting your blog.

1. You Are The Only Boss Of Your Blog : Only you will decide what to write on your blog. Whatever you want you can add to your blog. You will decide who can read your blog and who can comment your blog. No one is your boss, Only you are the BOSS.

2. Starting Your Own Blog Is Fun : Blogging is a great business. If you become a blogger because of your interest then it’s great. Who knows may be you can become an authority in your niche? And if you don’t get so much success in blogging, but you are enjoying blogging then who cares, just enjoy and have unlimited FUN!!!

3. Blogging Makes You Creative : You started your blog in any niche in which you are interested and writing so much, it will automatically increase your knowledge. And you will definitely read more to blogging and it makes you more and more passionate and CREATIVE.

4. You Can Express Your Thoughts And Opinions Easily : You have knowledge in some niche for example you better know how to make a successful wordpress blog, but where you will share your opinions? I think starting your own blog and sharing your THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS is the best and very easy way.

5. You Can Share Your Knowledge Through Blogging : There is a great saying:


As in above point, If you have knowledge in any subject, Spread your knowledge. Do not spoil it. And starting a blog is the great way to share your great KNOWLEDGE.

6. You Can Become Famous : Blogging is spreading widely. You can reach millions of people by just creating a blog and writing great blog posts about what you are expert in. Who knows big fame is waiting for you!!! Success is yours if your luck walks with you. Blogging has changed thousands of lives, may be you are the next blogger who becomes FAMOUS!!!

7. You Can Influence People’s Live : By sharing your thoughts, opinions, knowledge or ideas, you can change or influence other people’s lives. So, start writing a good blog and CHANGE LIVES OF OTHERS by your abilities.

8. You Can Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Niche : Blogging will give you an opportunity to prove yourself in blogosphere. You can become an expert in your niche if you deserves. So discover the power in you and become an EXPERT.

9. You Will Become A Better In Your Field : You will learn lots of things by creating a blog. You can sell your services in which you are best. For example if you are seo expert and you know how to do seo, write about your seo services on your seo blog and start selling your seo services. With experience of writing good blog posts and and other useful contents, you will become a better writer, better reader and BETTER BUSINESSMAN in your niche.

10. You Can Make Your Own Network : When you start your own blog from scratch, only few people or bloggers may know you at that time. But as time passes, your contacts will increase. You will have lots of friends in your niche. And you will have your own strong BLOGGING NETWORK.

11. You Can Make Big Money : If you have ever think for making money online, starting a blog is one of the best way to monetize. There are lots of ways to monetize your blog like selling your own product or service or selling others product or service (affiliate marketing), selling ad space, etc. So, start your own blog and start making BIG MONEY from it.

12. You Can Market Or Promote Your Products And Services : As I said above, you can show your own product or service on your blog. By blogging, you can promote and brand your business, product or service. You can achieve your targeted MARKETING of any product or service with your own blog.

13. You Can Brand Your Business Through Blog : Brand is the major factor which determines your success. More you establish a brand on your blog, you will make your business more branded online. Business blog will show your business’ online presence and it will makes your business a BRAND.

Read More: How To Brand Your Blog

14. You Will Know Your Abilities Through Blogging : Only making a blog is not all done. You have to work hard to make a successful blog. And if you win this battle, you will feel like a blogging star. And of course, then you will know who you are and what are your ABILITIES?

Do you get your reason to start your own blog? Do you have different reason? Please share your reason for starting a blog.

I am waiting for your reply….

Image Credit: Lady Madonna

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