Top Offline Maps for Android Smartphones

Android smart phones have continuously become popular day-by-day and nowadays share the same eminence as Apple.

The Android OS from Google is currently used by many smart phone manufacturers as compared to the competing IOS which is specifically made for apple smart phones.

Top Offline Maps for Android Smartphones

Android smart phones enjoy Google maps and Google earth which help their users easily navigate in places that they are not familiar with.

There are also many other applications that give Android smart phone users offline maps hence making the smart phones even more smarter.

Below are some of the top rated offline map applications available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Top Offline Maps for Android Smartphones

#1. Syqid GPS Navigation

This is an amazing application which gives users a turn by turn navigation system using GPS (internet is not required). It also has a voice guided navigation system on top of a robust set of navigation features that help users drive with confidence.

The application also provides its users with alternative routes to where they are going and waypoints to the place, hence giving users peace of mind as they travel. The spoken street name feature helps users focus on the road while the dynamic lane guidance helps them know where to turn.

Users are also able to see a junction view hence helping them better understand intersections.

The speed limit display keeps the user safe while driving on new roads. This app can be downloaded here

#2. MapDroyd Offline Maps

This application enables Android smart phone users to explore maps of the entire world and still search for addresses any place.

The app makes it possible to see your current location in a scalable map. Users are also able to rotate their maps in any direction and are able to view the maps in either 2D or 3D.

The app also gives the user different map styles which can be used without having to download new map data. The app is available here

#3. Maverick Pro GPS Navigator

This free application provides users with offline maps of multiple regions. I is therefore a great app for hiking, geocaching, boating and other outdoor activities.

It also incorporates multiple regional and global online maps which include; open street maps, OSM public transport, OSM cycle, Bing, Yandex, OutdoorActive (for Austria, South Tyrol and Germany)and Multimap (for UK). The app can be downloaded here

#4. MapsWithMe Pro, Offline Maps

The app gives its users quick maps of the entire world and allows them to search and mark their locations while offline.

It has maps for every country and city and even maps of the smallest islands. Navigating through the maps is also easy because of its auto-follow mode and map rotation feature.

These maps can also change their orientation depending on the direction which the user is moving. The app can be downloaded here

#5. Navfree Free GPS Navigation

This app give users spoken and onscreen turn-by-turn directions hence making navigation much easier.

Users are able to search addresses offline or online using Google or Bing.

The many features of this app make it easy to drive and roam abroad without the need of data connection. The app can be downloaded here

Any of these apps will certainly give you a great offline mapping experience while saving your data connection charges. These apps work with most android smart phones.

Hence you have a reason to relax as you are taken through an offline voice guided navigation while roaming.

Author Bio: Dana Scott is a freelance writer and a blogger. She likes to keep herself updated on latest mobile smartphone apps and to share her knowledge. She regularly contributes to mobileshop blog and many other blogs. When she isn`t working, she enjoys hiking and cycling.


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