What Makes WordPress Wonderful

What Makes WordPress Wonderful

When we think about how websites and blogs have evolved over the years, we can see a huge leap in a short period of time. Websites were the mecca for information and e-commerce traffic while you would have a blog that would connect that blog to the website to drive traffic.

A blog and website back then were two different tools that worked with one another. Now that websites have evolved and with the positioning of mobile responsive websites taking effect, our websites and blogs are one in the same.
Now there are many platforms out there such as Drupal, Concrete 5, Blogger, Ghost, Magento and Joomla among the many other platforms out there. However, what makes WordPress the leader in the world of blogging and website platforms.

We have to admit, there are many websites that do not even focus on blogging but still use the WordPress platform over any other platform including traditional website coding. Well here is why WordPress is best for not only the novice webmaster, but even for the experienced coder who can design a website from scratch. WordPress is more than just a blog site.

Simple and Supported

What makes WordPress so great is the layout and simplicity added to it. WordPress is a household name among developers new and experienced. It is supported by every web host I have seen and has built a foundation that has a community of developers that can create themes and plugins for you to meet any need or demand. The versatility of WordPress is what attracts so many people. You might find it useful to read The beginner guide to wordpress to get yourself going

It can benefit the newbie and as your experience grows it can still have features to aid the experienced developer. Even if you do not know how to code or edit, you can still purchase an elegant and sophisticated theme that can come with step by step documentation to be installed by the newest WordPress user. Most website hosts will help with installations of themes and plugins coupled with basic support.

Blogging and Beyond

We all know that WordPress was built for blogging, however WordPress has grown up over the years. Despite the advanced capabilities of WordPress, blogging is the foundation for the platform and hands down many people try to copy the powerful features that WordPress brings as a blogging platform.

Even for people who want a website and not just an informational blog, search engines has forced us to maintain that blogging platform. If you want to rank high and be relevant online, then you need to make sure your content is continuously updated.

The built in blog that WordPress has within your website which ended having a website then a separate blog, has made online competition even fiercer and forced webmasters to keep their content even more relevant. Since webmasters know they need a blog, WordPress works a platform to support your website and serve as a blog site simultaneously making it even more effective.

Pre-Programmed Plugins That Give Control

Unlike other blog site platforms such as Blogger, WordPress gives the webmaster full control of not only how your visitors interact with your website, but also how you present your website to them. Not long ago to have advanced features on a blog site was unheard of. Now with so many developers offering premade plugins for WordPress, there is not much you cannot do which turns your website with an internal blog site into something much more.

All about SEO

No matter how great a publishing platform is, we all know that if you cannot tie into the SEO and ability to be found and indexed by search engines, then it does not matter what platform you use. Not only does WordPress have many plugins you can purchase to help it rank higher in search engines, but it organically has an advantage as well.

With WordPress maintaining its foundation as a blog platform, it keeps track of keywords, categories and titles. When used properly this is an effective SEO tool in itself. It will automatically make it easy for search engines to define the different parts of your website and blog.

In addition to that, adding on a SEO plugin only enhances your website even further. As you add more articles and content, WordPress keeps track of the updates which lets search engines know that you are maintaining fresh content.

Social Media Savvy

Social media is now the new direct marketing, except even more powerful. Social media when used correctly can create a firestorm of success because people are becoming your walking, talking and sharing billboards. WordPress has evolved with social media and made it so that you cannot only build a community, but you can integrate social media inside WordPress itself. So what makes WordPress different from everyone else, because is this not possible with any platform? Yes and no.

There are many plugins that support WordPress from receiving rewards to promote your website all the way to unlocking blog content by sharing your website or article on their social media channels. Developers have come up with many great ideas to use social media and integrate with WordPress with many of these solutions being exclusively on WordPress or on WordPress and maybe one or two other platforms. WordPress also has Jetpack which helps integrate social media into your website.
As you can see just form these few features and benefits, WordPress can help in blogging as well as make you a successful website developer with or without any previous experience. Like blogging or creating a blog site, WordPress takes time to understand how to use it effectively. This is why we offer many other articles into the features and benefits of blogging and WordPress to help you have a successful website and blog site in one. Remember, the more experience you gain the better you will be able to harness the power of WordPress which will make you the ultimate webmaster.


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