WordPress Image SEO: How To Make Images SEO Friendly In WordPress?

SEO is a key part for every site or blog to succeed on getting better rankings on different search engines. Every site owner who wants to build a really good traffic on his/her blog/site wants to dominate search engines and to do so he/she needs to do right SEO. There are many little things (tricks or must do things) in SEO and one of them is Image SEO.

Since maximum of the blogs/site developed over the web are on WordPress platform and I’m assuming you’re also using the same, so here I’m sharing best WordPress Image SEO tips which will make you learn how to make images SEO friendly in WordPress.

Make Images SEO Friendly In WordPress

Make Images SEO Friendly in WordPress

I’m mentioning things one by one here. The more you follow on your blog sincerely to get better results and I’m sure if you follow each of them pretty well on your blog then you’ll definitely see a change. Do let me know whatever result comes out after applying all below mentioned things on your blog.

Rename before uploading

When we upload a file to any post or page on our blog, we usually forget to rename it. By renaming, here I mean that you need to add the keyword you’re targeting for that image and the text which describe the image best.

Name like ‘Image1’, ‘Pic1’ or any other isn’t going to help your blog in SEO and you need to follow one simple rule which I’m explaining with an example below.

Yamaha Bolt HD Image


Suppose, you’re writing a post on Yamaha Bolt bike and you probably going to add picture of that bike too. Before uploading picture of the bike, rename the picture file to something like the following,

  • Yamaha Bolt Bike
  • Yamaha Bolt Picture
  • Yamaha Bolt HD Image
  • Yamaha Bolt Info

Now I think that I’ve made it clear to you.

Image Size

Now next thing to consider is the size of the image you’re ready to upload on your WordPress blog. The original size of the picture may be large and you need to minimize it without losing the quality by huge margin.

Shrink Pictures

You can use this awesome free tool (Shrink Pictures) to minimize the size of any image file. You simply need to upload the picture and set a resolution, compression type and quality you wish to have and leave everything on this tool.

Since, you will start using lesser heavy pictures on your blog which will indeed make pages lesser in size which will increase speed and thus improve SEO rankings of your overall blog.

Alt text

Once you’re done with above two things then you will upload the picture to the editor. Once upload is complete then you will see few options like alignment, size, etc. Here you need to add name of the picture (which you kept while renaming) into the ‘Alt text’ column.

Alt Text Image Setting for SEO

Search engine spiders/crawlers use this part of every image to read every image and get it index. If you leave it blank then you’re not helping them which aren’t going to be good for your blog. So now you got clear how you can help search engine bots which will in return result into better rankings for you.


To get better results, use Center alignment as it looks better than any other. But depending on the kind of niche you’re working and topic you’re writing current article, you can also use two other alignment options as well. For me, Center alignment is working best so I’m kind of habitant of using it.

Better Source

This part is really important. You must have heard this quote that ‘An image can say thousands of words’. So you need to be very serious at choosing images to be used on your blog posts. Images can attract users easily (easier than text) so you need to use attractive but post relevant images.

To find better images, you need to know better sources and that’s this point here. Flickr is the best source to get best quality of images to include and it also got a better search tool using which you can find images easily. Morguefile is another better source where you can find stock images (images which are meant for selling purpose are referred as Stock Images) for free using its search tool.

The only thing you need to take care while using any image of any of the above mentioned (or any other) source is that at the end of the article, do give them a credit link (connect to their profile via ‘source’). It will make the owner of the image feel better as you’re giving his credit to himself rather than leaving it blank.

So friends, these were the best WordPress Image SEO tips from my side and now it all depends on you i.e. how better you use these tips. Do let me know if you have any doubt. [Image Source]

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