WordPress Pros And Cons : WordPress.Com Vs. WordPress.Org

You are reading this post wordpress pros and cons that mean you are thinking to start a blog with wordpress.

That’s better. If you are a beginner, then after reading this post you will be aware of wordpress very well.

And if you know something about wordpress, but you are confused between wordpress.com and wordpress.org, then I am sure this post will help you to choose one.

Now Let’s start.

Wordpress Pros And Cons (WordPress.Com Vs. WordPress.Org)

Top and the best blogging platform wordpress is available in two types, wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Both the types wordpress.com and wordpress.org have their own pros and cons. I have tried my best to extract and write them here for you. After reading wordpress pros and cons, you can easily decide what to choose, wordpress.com or wordpress.org. So let’s read pros and cons of wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

WordPress Pros And Cons

1. WordPress.Com Pros And Cons

WordPress.Com Pros:

  • WordPress.com is very easy way to get started with blogging. Just sign up for wordpress.com and choose your options to get started. Very simple it is!

    Wordpress.Com Pros And Cons

    WordPress.Com Pros And Cons

  • WordPress.com requires no technical knowledge to start blogging. To start blogging with wordpress, no need of any technical knowledge to put codes. Easy to understand dashboard serves better even to beginners.
  • Simply just choose a theme for your blog from available themes. You don’t have to go anywhere to find a theme for your blog. Just decide your blog lay out and select a theme for your blog. Every type of themes are available there.
  • Blog Hosting and domain name is totally free. Yes, blog domain (yourname.wordpress.com) and hosting is totally free for everyone. There is no extra cost if you use sub domain. Also you can buy domain from them, if you don’t want to use sub domain.
  • WordPress.com is the most seo friendly blogging platform. It provides great search engine visibility in very short time and helps you to generate more traffic to your blog.
  • WordPress.com allows you to import your contents from other blog and saves your big time from uploading your contents.

WordPress.Com Cons:

  • Major disadvantage of wordpress.com is that you can’t use any ads on your blog. Like google adsense, chitika, kontera or any other types of affiliate ads. If you want to use ads on your blog, you can become a paid member of wordpress.com ant then you can use any type of ads on your blog.
  • WordPress.com may publish ads on your blog. This is another con of wordpress.com. wordpress.com sometimes shows ads on your free blog. Ad free upgrade is the solution for this problem.
  • You must choose a theme for your blog from their list of themes. There are thousands of themes available but you cannot use your own theme with wordpress.com.
  • It provides less customization. WordPress.com doesn’t allow more customization. You have to satisfy with little customizations. You can’t edit HTML, PHP code, or content of a theme. You are not allowed for FTP access.
  • As we all know playing with wordpress plugins is a great feature of wordpress.org to enhance its functionality but one cannot use plugins with wordpress.com.

2. WordPress.Org Pros And Cons

WordPress.Org Pros:

  • You have complete control on your blog. WordPress.org is open source content management blogging platforms. So you have full controls and flexibility over it. You can edit HTML, PHP code and content of a theme. Also uploading via FTP is allowed.

    Wordpress.Org Pros And Cons

    WordPress.Org Pros And Cons

  • It provides full customization. As I said in above point, you can edit everything as you like. You have full power of customizations.
  • The best part of wordpress.org is you can install any wordpress plugins to your blog and increase your blog functionality with less efforts. There are hundreds of free and premium wordpress plugins available for different functions which make your blog stand out.

WordPress.Org Cons:

  • It requires some technical knowledge. If you want to edit HTML, PHP code, content of a theme or want to access via FTP, it needs some technical knowledge.
  • You need to manage your blog backups. As wordpress.org is hosted on your servers, there may be a chance for losing your blog data. Not all the days are same for you, may be some day you lost your blog. So you have to be prepare with full back ups of your blog with regular time intervals.

I write these wordpress pros and cons for those bloggers who are not sure for wordpress.com or wordpress.org.

Now it will be very easy for them to decide. And yes, my advice for those bloggers is to choose wordpress.org for long time race and monetization purpose.

I have tried to cover most wordpress pros and cons here.

Now I am going to a park for some fresh air and a cup of coffee.

And yes, If there is anything you know which I forget to mention here, share that in comment section.

Your opinions are very valuable for me.

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